At Meal Kit we know that many of our customers value Natura, sustainable products. Because of this we are committed to sourcing local Moldovan made products whenever possible and delivering them in an environmentally conscious way. To this end, our company makes the following commitments

  • Think Local First – whenever possible we look for local products and sources. This both supports our community but also our planet by reducing transportation costs. 
  • Think Small First – we prefer local small businesses rather than international corporations. This commitment helps us know where our products are sourced and commit ourselves to the best quality
  • Package Responsibly – many of our meals require plastic packaging. While this is a fact of life we seek to find other solutions when possible and are always looking for better ideas to reduce our waste footprint. 

Finally, while we know it’s not intuitive, we want to share that ordering Meal Kits themselves have environmental benefits! There have been major studies from the Journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling (Time article, NPR article) as well as the University of Michigan (link) which show a benefits to buying pre-portioned meal that largely outweigh the waste. While this is no excuse for not doing what we can to reduce our footprint we are happy to say that this new industry is already making a positive impact.