The Idea

Welcome to Meal Kit! Where we invite everyone to try on a chef’s hat! We deliver amazing meals straight to your door with easy to follow instructions. We take care of the shopping, portioning and you get to be the chef in your own restaurant!

The idea for chef curated, gourmet in-home delivery like Meal Kit is not new in the world but is new to Chisinau. While the current COVID-19 crisis has caused lots of changes in our lives we believe that one thing has not changed – people want fun, interesting cuisine to enjoy with the people they care most about. Because of this we have brought the idea of Meal Kit to Moldova and we are excited to begin offering curated meal options from around the world. We will add new recipes all the time so check back often and follow us on social media!

Community Commitment

As we build out this new business we are cognisant that we are living in uncertain times due to the COVID-19 crisis. Because the idea for Meal Kit is partly inspired by these strange times when we are all stuck at home, we also want to do what we can to help. Once we launch, a percent of all Meal Kit sales will go towards supporting efforts Smokehouse is already undertaking to help feed those most in need in Chisinau. Just like Smokehouse, we want Meal Kit to be a Community-First business and in these times our Community is more valuable than ever. 

Our Team

Meal Kit is brought to you by the people behind Smokehouse: BBQ, Beer, Community! That said, this is clearly a new idea and doesn’t quite relate to our normal BBQ food – what gives!? Well, behind Smokehouse we are passionate about food and cooking and our team wanted to find some creative outlet on a new idea. Enter Meal Kit! Instead of a single concept restaurant we get to come up with interesting recipes all the time and challenge ourselves as well as challenging you all to “Try on a Chef’s Hat.” Let us know what you think! We love the feedback and are always trying to get better.